Research papers

Expository papers

  • [ii]   Some aspects of the theory of finite-type invariants in three-dimensional topology. H.D.R. dissertation, University of Strasbourg, 2012.
  • [i]   Finite type invariants of three-dimensional manifolds and spin structures. Ph.D. dissertation, University of Nantes, 2002.

Other texts
  • [β]   Commentaire : Ω_3=0 chez René Thom. Oeuvres mathématiques de René Thom. Volume I, 93-94. Documents Math., 15, Soc. Math. France, Paris, 2017.
  • [α]   Equivalence relations on three-dimensional manifolds defined by subgroups of the Torelli group & the core of the Casson invariant. Oberwolfach Reports 7:4 (2010) 3147-3149. (Short report on the paper [15] with J.-B. Meilhan.)

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